Common Flat Battery Reasons

Flat battery?

If your car doesn’t start of a morning, it’s possible that you simply have a flat battery. A flat battery can be caused by a number of reasons including malfunctioning alternator or a loose connection in the wiring system, but it can also be caused by simply the age of the battery. If you’re not sure what’s causing your dead battery, here are some things to look for:

First of all, check if your car is able to start when the engine is cold. Then let it rest for about 15 minutes and try again. If the car starts without problems when the engine is cold, you should rule out a faulty alternator as cause of the flat battery. This is something that should be checked by an auto technician expert, at Ace Mechanix we have trained staff and technician to assist you with it.

If your car starts with no problems after being left to cool down, your problem may be related to a loose connection. The first thing to check would be the terminals in the car’s battery compartment. Make sure they are clean and free from corrosion or grime and check if they are still securely connected to both ends of the cable. Another place worth checking is under or behind any plastic or rubber covers on top of the metal plates that connect to the cables leading from each terminal. Make sure nothing has any sort of damage or corrosion build up, which is a common batter terminal problem.

A dead car battery should be jump-started immediately. Don’t try to drive it somewhere; if the car is out of commission, call a tow truck or a friend with another vehicle. Once the battery is dead, it won’t take much more work to cause more permanent damage to the starter or alternator.

What Causes Dead Car Batteries?

There are three main causes of dead batteries: faulty alternators, loose connections and simple neglect. The first two are easy to diagnose at home, but the third is trickier to identify.

Faulty Alternators

If the alternator isn’t working properly, your car won’t get enough power from its electrical system. If the alternator is producing enough voltage but not enough amperage to charge the battery, you’ll run into trouble when you start your car and there isn’t enough juice to turn over the engine.

Nonetheless, if you run into any flat batteries problem or anything else contact us today, we are experts in all areas and will have you car up and running in no time.