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Kingsgrove is a suburb in south western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Situated south of the Sydney central business district, its local LGA is Bayside Council and the Georges River Council. The most common ancestries were Greek 17.2%, Chinese 15.0%, Australian 10.7%, English 9.6% and Italian 6.7%. The main street and retail hub is located on Kingsgrove Road and the predominate M5 Motorway passes via the Kingsgrove as a passageway to the main city and airport.

  • Homes in Kingsgrove: Approx. 4,585 Homes

  • Estimated cars: 2547 Cars
    (Average of 1.8 Cars per household)

  • Ace Mechanix Mechanic distance from Kingsgrove: 3.5km


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