Re gassing your car Air conditioner

There is nothing like the comfort of driving in perfect cabin temperature whether it be a hot summers day or a cold winter morning. Drive in your perfect environment 24/7 and 365 days per year with a re gassed air conditioner in your vehicle.

At Ace Mechanix, Mechanic in Earlwood, we take care of your complete re-gass ensuring you are never left in bad climate conditions. Enjoy perfect temperature all year round.

Our Air conditioner regass service consists of not only re gassing your air con, but also a complete check on your entire system for even added piece of mind.

We ensure:

  • Gass is topped up and ready to go
  • Check for any potential leaks
  • Clean vents and internal piping to ensure optimum output
  • and many more essentials to ensure a safe comfortable drive, for each and every trip you make.

Contact us for more information or any questions you may have on Air conditioning re gassing for your car today.